how to:

genetically engineer immune cells to target cancerous cells.

December, 2019


Genetically Modifying Immune Cells

A fun (but scary) fact: 1 out of 2 people will get cancer within their lifetime. Immunology may be able to change that. In this project, I dove deep into how we can genetically modify a patients very own cells in order to treat their cancer. We can do this by creating CAR-T cells.


how it works

There are 4 Steps

First, lab technicians would collect a sample of a patients T-cells from their blood. Then, in the lab, T cells are inserted with the genes to grow receptors called CARs. Thirdly, the newly created CAR-T cells are left to multiply until there are millions of them. Lastly, the CAR T-cells are inserted into the patients body and attack the cancerous cells.

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